The recent campaigns of restoration

A century after the first building works a the end of the 19th century, the condition of the ruins deteriorated again. Thanks to the sale of "the golden crown" in 1965 by the Heimatschutz, Pro Tourbillon was able to undertake a new campaign of reinforcement.


1965 - 1969 : a first working site allowed to restore the chapel and its frescos as well as to redo the stairway of the main part of the building or palace : the former residence of the bishop.


1993 - 1995 : a second stage of works allowed to reinforce the palace. The frames of doors and Windows in moulded stucco, which are among the most ancient of their kind, were stabilized.


1996 : the South defensive tower, which contained the remains of a dovecot in dry plaster - the only well-known example in Valais - was reinforced.


1998 - 1999 : repairs of the defensive parts of the castle : the protective walls and the west buildings, outbuilding originally set aside for the guards. The forebuilding, which blocked the area at the west and east of the castle, were the last step of the works, including the regaining of value of particularly interesting elements, like for example the medieval water tank.


Since 2009, the "Foundation of the Castle of Tourbillon" has managed a project including a campaign of reinforcement of the building, taking up again a full restoration of the chapel with its frescos (14th century) and laying out the sacristy to show the murals of the 15th century, previously laid. A staircase was created to the corner tower from where there is a magnificient view.

Sources, avec leur aimable autorisation :

© Association Sedunum Nostrum 

© Patrick Elsig, historien des monuments, Etat du Valais, Directeur du Musée cantonal d'histoire


Textes tirés du bulletin n° 11 "Le château de Tourbillon" édité en 1997 par l'Association Sedunum Nostrum, rédigé par M. Patrick Elsig et du guide d'art et d'histoire de la Suisse, no 1041-1042, édité en 2019 par la Société d'histoire de l'art en Suisse.